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Support Community :

As a customer and user of Horizon Retail Solutions, you will find that you are not alone and that you have a lot of options for support. In addition to the direct support provided by Horizon, you have access to other customers using the Horizon Retail Solutions, the Horizon Call Tracking System and knowledgebase, a Basecamp group for administrators of Horizon solutions, and links to a number of support web sites through the Horizon web site..  

CTS — Call Tracking System :

The Horizon-developed Call Tracking System (CTS) is the primary tool through which our customers request product enhancements, request support, and report problems that occur in the software. Each entry generates an e-mail to the appropriate and interested parties. Through CTS, customers can see the status of the call and the priority of requested enhancements.
CTS is also a knowledgebase because all calls submitted are retained forever and are searchable through many different options. This allows customers to look up questions before submitting a report and perhaps discover that the answer has already been found and documented.

Our web version of our CTS application can be found at 

Live Support :

Horizon Retail Solutions offers around the clock support to help meet your business needs. Through the close relationship we have with our customers, we understand the need for critical support needs at various times throughout the week and weekend. If a problem occurs that cannot wait to be solved until the beginning of the next business day, customers may call our main support number (214)-396-6400 to talk to a live technical representative for support.

Most support requests to Horizon are entered through our web-based and e-mail dependent Call Tracking System. This support model offers minimal interruption to Horizon software developers working to produce new features for future releases, but still insures a prompt response to our customers from the best available support personnel. This also offers documented tracking of the problem which can be used to more quickly solve the problem if other users encounter it in the future.



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